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List of works 1 (chronological, 1892-1892)
List of works 2 (chronological, 1893-1901)
List of works 3 (chronological, 1902-1912)
List of works 4 (chronological, 1913-1941)

Study in F minor for piano 
"Manfred" Symphony (Tchaikovsky) for piano four hands

Lento in D minor for piano
Four piano pieces:
Romance in F-sharp minor
Prelude E-flat minor
Melody E major
Gavotte D major
Scherzo for orchestra D minor / F major
Three piano pieces:
Nocturne in F-sharp minor, F major and C minor

Romance for violin and piano, Lento in A minor
Two movements for string quartet:
Romance in G minor
Scherzo in D major
Concerto for piano and orchestra in C minor (unfinished, 1st movement)

Romance for cello and piano in F minor
Melody on a theme by SVR for cello/violin and piano in D major
Piano piece in D minor
Two piano pieces for six hands:
Valse in A major
Romance in A major
Deus meus Motet for 6-part choir a capella in A minor
"Manfred" symphonic poem (incomplete)
"Sleeping Beauty" (Tchaikovsky) for piano four hands
Concerto for piano and orchestra in F-sharp minor
Songs for bass voice and piano:
"Am Tor des Paradieses"
"Ich sage Dir nichts"
Song for high voice and piano:
"Wieder pochest Du mein Herz"

Prelude for piano in F major
Russian Rapsody for two pianos in E minor/G major
Two monologues from Pushkin's "Boris Godunov"
Songs for high voice and piano:
"Es war im April"
"Die Dämmerung brach herein"
Symphonic poem for large orchestra in D minor
Symphony No.1, first movement in D minor
Russian boatman song for voice and piano
Song for bass voice and piano:
"Nacht verbracht ohne Schlaf"
Six songs for voice and piano:
"Oh nein, ich flehe dich an, verlaß mich nicht"
"Der Morgen"
"Schweigen der Nacht"
"Singe nicht, du Schöne"
"Oh du mein Feld"
"Wie lange, mein Freund"

For voiloncello with piano accompaniment (op.2):
Prelude f major
Danse oriental in A minor
Morceaux de Fantasie pour piano (op.3): Elegie, Prelude, Melody, Polichinelle, Serenade
"Trio elegiaque" for piano,violin and violoncello in G minor
"Aleko" Opera in one act

Early works with Elisa Tomellini